Why some of Tennis’ biggest stars could miss Tokyo Olympics

Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams, and other Tennis greats may be absent at the biggest sporting event this year. Most of the biggest stars in Tennis have expressed doubts about their participation at the Summer Olympics in Tokyo. 

The Swiss tennis star implored the Olympics organisers to end the uncertainty around the Tokyo Games. Roger Federer disclosed that he was in two minds about making the trip to Japan. The Asian country has declared a state of emergency that would last till May in Tokyo because of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The Olympics are set to run from 23 July until 8 August and Olympic Gold medalist Federer told Swiss television station Leman Bleu yesterday. “Honestly I don’t know what to think. I’m a bit between the two,” he said. 

“I would love to play in the Olympics, win a medal for Switzerland. It would make me especially proud. But if it doesn’t happen because of the situation, I would be the first to understand. I think what the athletes need is a decision: is it going to happen or is it not going to happen?” he asked. 

Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams have previously expressed doubts about their participation at the Olympic games this summer. The two tennis greats are worried about the number of games they would have to play if they participate in the summer showdown. 

Nadal disclosed that he is concerned, although he would not dream about missing the Olympic games if not for certain circumstances. “Honestly, I can’t give you a clear answer because I don’t know,” Nadal said to reporters at the Italian Open in Rome.

“I don’t know my calendar. In a normal world, I will never see about missing the Olympics, of course. There is no doubt about that. Everybody knows how important it has been for me to always play in the Olympics,” he continued.

The King of Clay and the rest of the world have had to adapt to the coronavirus pandemic. “I normally know my schedule almost 100% from the first of January till the end of the season. This year is something a little bit different, no? We need to be flexible. We need to adapt to the things that are happening,” he said.

Earlier, Serena Williams spoke on her reservations about going to Tokyo. The American superstar expressed her concern about travelling to Japan with her three-year-old daughter, Olympia. I have not spent 24 hours without her, so that answers the question itself. We are best friends, she explained.

Williams, who has won four Olympic gold medals, is concerned about the number of games she would have to play this year. As athletes, it is important to maintain physical fitness. “I think there are other reasons I have not thought much about Tokyo, because it was supposed to be last year and now it’s this year, and then there is this pandemic and there is so much to think about.”

There are more than ten tennis tournaments before the Olympic games begin in July. The French Open and Wimbledon are the two grand slams that Nadal and Williams will hope to win. 

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