Siasia to challenge CAS, rejects five-year ban – Akanni

Former Super Eagles manager and player, Samson Siasia has rejected the Court of Arbitration for Sports’ verdict to reduce his life ban to five years, and he will challenge the decision, according to his associate, Waidi Akanni.

In 2019, Siasia was banned for life from all football-related activity, after FIFA found him guilty of agreeing to take bribes to manipulate matches, and also fined CHF50,000 (£42,000) for breaching Fifa’s code of ethics.

On June 21st 2021, ABZ reported that CAS had reduced the ban, in a verdict that says it is disproportionate for a first offence that was committed passively and which had not had an adverse or immediate effect on football stakeholders.

According to Waidi Akanni, Siasia was in shock that that CAS could still punish him for “an offence he did not commit,” despite not having evidence against him, while adding that a guilty verdict cannot be based on “passive crime.”

Akanni said: “I am not a lawyer, but CAS showed from its statements that it has no evidence to prove that Siasia accepted to fix games. What is the meaning of passive crime? Who are the players he recruited to want to rig games? The guy wanted to give him a job and nothing else. The fight is still on.

He added: “Siasia will eventually release the emails he exchanged with Perumal. There was no collateral damage to anybody. If they had any evidence they should release it to the world.”

We await the official statement from the 53-year-old, on whether he will accept the verdict, or challenge CAS as Waidi Akanni stated. If he accepts the five-year ban, he will be back to football activities from August 2024, after serving two years already.

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