LG Electronics Nigeria, have announced the winners of its maiden Fortnite Gaming Challenge, ‘’Spot of Triumph’’. LG Electronics (LG) teamed up with Fortnite to offer gaming enthusiasts of all abilities the chance to participate in a series of 4 challenges under #SpotOfTriumph theme for top prizes. Hundreds of gamers have signed up and participated both virtually and in-person since the launch earlier this month.

Aimed at creating new immersive experiences for the Generation Z, LG organized this challenge because Fortnite has taken the world by storm. With over 200 million registered users, it has become the world’s most popular game. Yong people ranging from age 10 to 23, otherwise known as Generation Z, have claimed the phenomenon as their own.

”Fortnite is a social environment with its own slang and behavioural norms’’ says Mr. Hari Elluru, Head, Corporate Marketing LG Electronics West African Operations. Not only does this community exist online, but also in the living rooms of Gen Z’ers who get together to play with their friends. Whether physically or virtually, it is the after school gathering place for many of today’s youth. “Fortnite is a growing esports game in Nigeria, so it provided a great way for us to reach new audiences.”

To give a unique user experience, LG OLED TV was used for the Fortnite Gaming event to give Gamers who visited the LG Brandshop an opportunity to enjoy an immersive gaming experience. Recognized as the best TVs for gaming by trusted publications and avid gamers world over, LG OLED TVs boast features that make games of any genre look incredibly smooth and play fast. With minimal lag, LG TVs deliver amazing gameplay with a level of responsiveness that can help users climb to the top of the leaderboards in their favorite next-gen console and PC challenges.

Get the best from your console with an LG gaming TV. This combination allow both casual and serious gamers alike to enjoy next-generation gaming today. With features such as an ultra-fast 1ms response time with low input lag and support for the latest HDMI specifications including Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) and enhanced return audio channel (eARC), games not only look and sound better, they’re more responsive. With four ports ready to support these features, LG’s OLED TVs offer all the advantages of simultaneous connections for multiple gear set-up from consoles to PCs. The advanced combined processing power of the duo enables players to enjoy 4K gaming at up to 120 frames per second to take advantage of the latest advancement in real-time ray tracing graphics technology. LG’s OLED TVs are the first to support the new HGiG profile and as founding members of the HDR Gaming Interest Group, LG and Microsoft are confident that the latest HDR titles will look exactly as their developers intended.

With its self-lit pixel technology, LG OLED TV boasts superior picture quality with vibrant, natural colors and infinite contrast.

LG Spot of Triumph Fortnite Gaming winners were selected based on the following criteria: Most Top 10 Placement in Game, The Most Eliminations, The Most Wins and The Creator Mode.

As a part of the rewards, the winner of the Challenge Mr. Precious won for himself a 55’’ LG OLED TV and a SN4 Sound Bar for the Creator and Most Wins Challenge while Adeola and James were presented with a SN4 Sound Bar each for The Most Eliminations and Most Top 10 Placement in the Game respectively.

Speaking on the occasion, LG Influencer Sidney Esiri popularly known as Dr. Sid said with the just concluded LG OLED TV Gaming Grand Finale, LG has taken Esport in Nigeria to a whole new level and now with the Fortnite Gaming Challenge, it has given opportunity to talented young people to express themselves and get rewarded.

He further added; “This platform provides opportunity to Gen Z to showcase their skills and always follow a brand like LG who is ready to support the people with enormous talent.’’

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