Laycon & Erica show up at BBNaija Reunion, here’s what went down

Big Brother Naija Reunion has been on for a wee little bit yet two of the biggest stars from the last edition of the reality show, Laycon and Erica, were yet to make an appearance with their co-stars… until now.

We’ve been served a buffet of gist at the Reunion including Ka3na telling us Praise (not Praiz) is a five-minute man, Prince clearing Tolani Baj about PriBaj, Vee shaming a triple-degree holder and. Brighto not paying homage to Dorathy the morning after handling his mic.

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All those fireworks and we were yet to see Laycon and Erica until now? Chai! It was about to be a banger especially with Kiddwaya already in the building and the others still coming around with enough tension to power Lekki from Phase 1 to where the fish used to be around Ajah.

Recall that Erica and Laycon started off as friends with the latter seemingly having feelings for the former which the former did not reciprocate. Erica ended up getting disqualified from the show after, among other incidents, having a bitter falling out with Laycon who went on to emerge as the show’s winner.

When the two got the chance to talk, Laycon said, “I feel like, in my head, I would not feel good with myself if after all I went through to get to where I’m at right now I’m dragging this same set of people (that I want to stream my music) back to…” discussing BBNaija drama basically seeing as mentally he’s not even in that space but in the one where promoting his music is taking up most of his time.

Yeah. Erica was just smiling like those aunties hearing their in-laws talk about one issue during the family meeting over Easter fried rice and chicken.

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Commander-in-Chief of the Elites now said she was sure Laycon would just go about getting people to pity him and keep on being the sneaky, deceptive human he’s shown himself to be hence, it was irrelevant trying to make any amends with him. She called him a snake actually.

According to Erica, in her 27 years of existence, it’s not someone she barely knew for two months she would be headache-ing herself over. In fact, ‘Laycon is the one that would say he’s gonna tell me how this and that I am. Oga, are we not in the same group chat? Abeggi!’ said Erica in paraphrase about Laycon.

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In summary, Erica still believes Laycon is a great pretender who needs to be true to himself and own his situation with her – that they are not friends and should move on with their lives rather than making it seem some reconciliation could happen in future.

Is there any room for reconciliation? Is Erica overreacting? Abi Laycon should “own it” like she declared? 

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