Funke faints on American idol stage (VIDEO)

Tragedy was averted on the American idol stage when a singer of Nigerian descent Funke Lagoke fainted on the show aired Monday.  

The 2021 edition of the signing competition was in its Duet Week where contestants were divided into pairs, picked by the judges, to perform together. Some worked well, and others struggled with mismatched and conflicting personalities.

Funke waits for the Judges verdict

Funke was paired with Ronda Felton, who was struggling with self-confidence and the Nigerian provided her mutual respect and support to help overcome her insecurities during rehearsals. They were handed a song originally written and recorded by Barbra Streisand and Celine Dion.

Finally, on stage – Funke was assured while Felton struggled with some of her lines. When it was time for the judges to give their remarks, Katy Perry said Lagoke “wasn’t perfect.”  Luke Bryan explained that he was starting to like the tone of her voice, so with one vote apiece, it was left for veteran Lionel Richie to pass the final verdict.

But as Lionel began to talk, Funke lost consciousness and fell face down very fast before anyone could reach her. The camera zoomed in on Katy Perry who was in total shock. The judges and Felton immediately rushed to her but had to wait for the medics who were already in the building.

Katy Perry in total shock as she feared for Funke’s life

Bryan explained to the medics that Lagoke had “busted her chin” in the fall and later the EMTs placed white gauze cloth over her chin as they lifted her onto a stretcher and took her to the hospital in an ambulance.

Reports claimed that she had regained consciousness after fainting and “was treated for dehydration and released from the hospital”.

Funke lands face down on the floor

Interestingly, Richie went to Funke’s duet patner Felton and told her that both of them were through to the next round and that was exactly what he wanted to say before the incident happened.

You can watch the full video below:

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