BBNaija Reunion: Vee’s nomination of her friend Lilo smells like jealousy

While Tochi was torching everyone on set at the Reunion, Vee and Lilo had their issue regarding the time Vee ‘threw Lilo under the bus’ by nominating Lilo for eviction, with Vee saying she felt her friend didn’t seem to want to be on the show.

‘It didn’t seem like you wanted to be on the show’ – Vee vs Lilo

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Middle School = BBNaija Lockdown House

This hurt Lilo because Vee didn’t give this reason for nominating her while they were in the house or talk to her about whether she wanted to be in the house. Lilo also wondered why she didn’t nominate Eric – who was also up for eviction at the time – if that was her reason.

Vee admitted she f**ked up for nominating Lilo even though it was nothing personal because it was the first eviction of the show. Vee on one hand said she had nominated Lilo because she was always with Eric while Lilo on the other hand revealed she had a conversation with Ka3na about Eric.

BBNaija Lockdown Reunion 2021: Highlights from TolaniBaj/Vee 'smack' clash  for 'BBNaija reunion' - BBC News Pidgin
Why nominate Lilo and save Eric?

According to Lilo, Ka3na had told her not to bother about ‘her [Lilo] boyfriend’ as he wanted to be there for her – the kind of words she expected her friend Vee to tell her instead of going into the Diary Room and nominate her for eviction while sparing Eric.

Could it be that Vee was jealous Eric got more of Lilo’s attention at the time? Tell us what you think.

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