10-Year-Old Nigerian Gold Medalist begs for support

Stephanie Onusiriuka, a 10-year-old gymnast from Anambra, who claimed a gold medal in gymnastics at the National Sports Festival, has begged for support to realise her dream of participating in the Olympics at some point in the future.

The gymnast, who was participating in the Sports Festival represented Anambra at the National Sports Festival (NSF) in Benin, won a gold medal in aerobics, a silver medal each in the “Floor” and “Best-All-Round” category, and a bronze medal on Beam exercise.

National Sports Festival to hold February 2021

Miss Onusiriuka, who participated in the sports festival for the first time, told the News Agency of Nigeria in Benin on Wednesday that she was happy for the victory and hoped to represent Nigeria at the Olympics in ten years time.

“I feel very happy because this is my first National Sports Festival,” she said to the NAN. “Though I was scared of the other opponents at some point because they were doing ‘double back’, ‘double Arabian’ and ‘falling.’ In the next 10 years, I see myself in the Olympics. But I ask the government to give us better equipment so that I can be able to do my ‘double back’ myself.”

Amaka Onusiriuka, Stephanie’s mother, with her daughter at the event, added, “I feel so happy and proud because I have been supporting her all this while, taking her to the gym and helping her build her talent. The Anambra state government is doing its best for the sports festival, but Stephanie actually needs more support for her to go for her training tours outside the country.”

“I feel if anybody is willing to support her and make her dream come true, we would really appreciate it. She has four countries to tour beginning in June: Seychelles, South Africa, U.S. Dubai ( UAE), and she also has other competitions. If anybody sees the talents she has and is willing to support her, we will appreciate it.”

I see Stephanie winning medals in the Olympics before or in the next 10 years. But I would need people to sponsor her trips and her competitions because she won a gold medal when she went to South Africa two years ago at just eight years old, and it was all from my pocket, with no support from anybody,”

Mrs Onusiriuka speaking about her daughter’s talent and Olympic dream

Tony Asuquo, the 10-year-old’s coach said that the young girl is extremely talented and he is expecting her to do great things. According to him, any investment made on Stepanie would not be a waste as she is already performing at the Olympic level at this age.

“We are going to Seychelles, and we are going to South Africa for a training tour at the University of Pretoria. We have a competition in Boston and another in Dubai if the pandemic allows, but all we need for Stephanie the support. Anybody that is ready to support her, any sport-loving Nigerian that can invest in this girl (Stephanie), your money will not be a waste, I promise you,” Mr. Tony Asuquo said.

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